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Top Jobs in Sri Lanka

The path to getting one of the coveted top jobs in Sri Lanka is made easier for you, when you know where to look and what to look for. The terrain of top jobs in Sri Lanka seems to be changing in par with the rest of the world. Once upon a time, only a title bearing the name ‘manager’ was considered a top- level position in Sri Lanka. Then the vista expanded to include the word 'executive'. Now fortunately, top jobs in Sri Lanka do not necessarily mean managers, CEOs, CFOs, or directors alone. They go on to include a large variety of jobs which need specialists and those with the best attitude and experience can perform.

Top Jobs in Sri Lanka in the field of IT

With the progression of ICT around the world, there are now employment opportunities which would earn you way more than a regular manager’s job would do. From graphic designers to software engineers, the experts in the IT and social media now earn large paycheques. These jobs also come with amazing occupational perks. Thus, it is no wonder that they should also be considered top jobs in Sri Lanka.

Other Top Jobs in Sri Lanka

As the outlook keeps changing, there are many new jobs which can be considered top jobs. These mainly include senior positions, requiring not only specialised skill and education but also extensive experience. While, in certain instances, even a new university graduate could become a manager, these jobs could only be done by the discerning few. Senior merchandisers, senior researchers, and senior analysts all fall into this category.

As the industries of tourism and hospitality, real estate and development, arts and design, and fine arts and media are expanding and attracting more members, the market value of the highly skilled has also increased significantly. Corresponding to this change, they are being highly sought out, beaconed by head-hunters and paid extraordinary salaries for their talents.

Heads of departments, heads of functions, managers, and executives are only a fraction of the top tier of job vacancies found in Sri Lanka. This list goes on to include chiefs, seniors, leads, and specialists. A chief does not necessarily mean a Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer, but can also mean a Chief Analyst, a Chief Accountant or a Chief Engineer. On the other hand, seniors can come in the guise of Senior Analysts, or Senior Officers.

What can you expect to earn from top job in Sri Lanka

For instance, a highly-qualified chef could easily earn more than LKR 100,000 a month. The starting salary of a business analyst is about LKR 90,000. A senior software engineer would earn a monthly salary around LKR 150,000. Depending on his or her performance, the best in the field pocket annual increments of more than LKR 35,000.

There are many added benefits for the seniors in the emerging fields in Sri Lanka. The top companies in Sri Lanka also offer many recreational facilities which include sports, fully equipped gymnasiums, swimming pools, and playgrounds for kids. Some companies have also taken the time to create fully equipped on-site child care facilities, knowing that the parents work better with the guaranteed assurance of the safety of their children.

What other perks do top jobs in Sri Lanka have to offer?

Top jobs in Sri Lanka usually also come with free health insurance, fuel and/or vehicle allowances, entertainment allowances, holiday allowances and other benefits. While, some of the other perks such as buffet breakfasts and lunches and a ping-pong table to liven up the team-spirit are at the discretion of the company, it has been found by research that offering managerial perks do indeed contribute to an increase in productivity.

How easily can you find director positions in Sri Lanka?

What type of a director you can become is determined by the tasks they perform and not by their job title. The Companies Act of Sri Lanka (No 07 of 2007) specifies the tasks and duties of company directors in Sri Lanka. However, one must not confuse a director who is a part of the Board of Directors of a company and an executive director. Two of the most popular executive director positions in Sri Lanka are art director and director-engineering. Executive directors manage a certain function within the organization, thus being offered positions in the employee market similar to other positions. If you take a look at our jobs added today, you will see that there are always at least a few director jobs being offered.