What are manufacturing jobs?

Not all manufacturing jobs are in factories. Neither are they all mass-scaled. If you work in a bakery, at show maker, or as a tailor, you can said to be having a manufacturing job.

It is true that there are thousands of industries in the world. However, when you get to the root of it, they can be categorized as either production/manufacturing industry or a service industry. Apparel, and food and beverages are good examples for industries with vacancies in manufacturing in Sri Lanka. Certain sectors such as construction have both manufacturing and service related jobs.

Even thought at a glance they appear to be manufacturing, jobs such as logging, mining or publishing are not considered manufacturing jobs because they do not use raw materials to make a new product.

What are types of manufacturing jobs in Sri Lanka?

The moment someone says manufacturing, it is hard not to envision an assembly line with the large number employees standing side by side. That is surely what it used to be a few decades ago, in large scale factories, or even in certain labour intensive countries today.

However, in Sri Lanka and the rest of the world, manufacturing does not mean people standing in line and putting parts together with their bare hands. Some of the most popular manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka fall under food and beverages, textiles and apparel, paper and printing, computer and hardware, electronics, electrical equipment, furniture, rubber products, plastic and petroleum products, mineral products, transportation, and agriculture.

What are popular manufacturing jobs in Sri Lanka?

Most job titles with the words mechanic, maker, machinist, production, or product have to do with the manufacturing sector. Here is something you need to remember though. Manufacturing just like any other industry. It still needs HR managers, operations staff, administration staff and other various kinds of personnel to run a manufacturing company. Do not despair even if you have no manufacturing experience. With a bit of determination and adaptability you can get a job in a manufacturing company.

That being said, however, for a true manufacturing job, you will be required to have manufacturing experience. As manufacturing works are also often known as production workers, if you see an advertisement for a production vacancy, it quite possibly be the one you are looking for.

What do manufacturing jobs in Sri Lanka entail?

Of course, depending on the type of manufacturing industry a company is involved in, the kind of manufacturing work will also differ. However, in any manufacturing company, there are levels of jobs depending on the education level and experience level of the employees.

For instance, the most basic level might include working with raw materials. You might be required to measure them. Or grade them, or feed them to the machinery. The list will only go up from there. These jobs seem like manual labour. Unless the work has been automated, it probably is.

But once you get some experience under your belt, you can easily get promoted and make your career in manufacturing from there.

Manufacturing Job Vacancies in Sri Lanka

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