Top 5 benefits of Social Media Marketing in Sri Lanka |

To some businesses, social media marketing is sort of the next big thing, a fad that should be taken advantage of while it is still in focus. To other businesses, it’s a temporary catchphrase, with no practical matter in a complex learning curve. Either way statistics have proven otherwise, and with many research conducted over the years businesses have now tend to understand its importance and how best it could help achieve planned goals.

Here is a look at how social media marketing can progress your business:

Increases brand recognition

With every opportunity you get you need to maximize your content to increase your visibility. Your social media networks are new channels for your brand’s content, as it simultaneously gives you easier access towards new customers, and creates a familiarity for your existing customers. As an example, a frequent facebook use could get to know about your company for the very first time only after finding it on their newsfeed.

Improves brand loyalty

According to research brands that involve in social media channels tend to delight in higher levels of loyalty from their valued customers. Businesses should take full advantage of the tools social media provides, when it comes to connecting with their targeted audience. An open and strategic social media plan will prove influential in transforming consumers into being loyal to the brand.

Gives opportunities to convert customers

Every post made on a social media channel is an opportunity to convert customers. When you build a follower base, you will automatically have access to customer segments such as new customers, and old customers which will allow you to interact with them all. Every status post, blog post , article, image and video you share gives an chance for a follower to react and every re action will lead to a visit to the company website and eventually a  customer conversion. It is unlikely that every interaction guarantees a conversion, but every progressive interaction, increases the chance of an eventual customer conversion.

Reduces marketing costs

According to research almost 85% of marketers have found that, with minimal effort each week was sufficient to generate an increase in traffic. An hour a day is sufficient time to develop your content and strategy, to follow on results expected. Paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc is relatively at low cost in comparison to other marketing costs. If you do start small, you do not have to worry about going over budget- as it you can work on a broader budget, once your conversions increase.  

Improves customer insights 

Social media platforms give you an opportunity to gain information about what your customers are engrossed in and helps access their behavior. As an example, you can monitor user comments to see what individuals think of your business. You can also segment your content based on topics to evaluate types of content that generate the most of interest towards the audience and then keep producing the same type of content for engagement. Conversions can be measured, based on various promotions posted on different social media platforms and eventually find an ideal blend to generate ROIs.