Pages of a former Intern's Diary

Most of us, have understood this to be somewhat like an apprentice. A master – in this case the employer seeks a young un -experienced individual to train in a set of skills. Sorry for being so dramatic, but yes, it is somewhat like Ra's al Ghul and Batman, minus the bone cracking physical training that lead to a tragic end. If you are lucky, maybe they will throw in some ninja training too. Just kidding. Let’s have a look at the basics on internships.

What is an internship?

Some establishments such as Hotels, Airlines, IT companies etc, engage casual staff in internships which is an ‘on the job’ training. Generally students who are on the verge of completing a graduation course in hotel management, IT or likewise is absorbed into the company on a temporary basis to work in all areas covering from bottom position to the top level. Once the internship is completed those who excel are recruited into the establishment on a permanent basis.

What happens during training?

During the internship the training is supervised by an experienced employer of that particular section. Usually interns are either undergraduates or students and sometimes they have to do an internship as a part of their study curriculum.

In some instances such as the medical profession, internship begins after passing out from medical college under the supervision of a senior medical officer.

What do I benefit from an internship?

Starting on an internship creates an opportunity to gain valuable experience in whatever field you may be interested. Once the internship is completed it will be an added qualification to your CV and play an important role in securing lucrative jobs.

An internship also gives practical experience in the job related to the particular mode of studies under graduation. This will help to gauge how to put whatever they have studied into practice. The experience gained and mentioned on your CV would attract prospective employers’ attention with regard to your suitability to the selected job.

Some educational institutions offer their undergraduates to companies on short term basis with low wage or even sometimes unpaid on a mutually beneficial basis to both parties.

Any specific industry, that offers internships?

Engineering, legal, accounting, technology, medical and advertising sectors are the job factors that usually offer paid internships. There are many Sri Lankan organizations that offer summer internships and contract internships for graduates. We recommend that you keep an eye out for print adverts in the daily newspapers or even company websites.

Although an internship doesn’t guarantee employment at the completion of the training, some companies absorb the interns into their permanent cadre to avoid their resources being utilized by other competitive companies.

Have any questions, tips or experiences you would like to discuss on internships? Please share your thoughts under the comments section.