Get an internship in Sri Lanka - it doesn't "ruin" your life |

An internship is an opportunity of employment provided by an employer to potential employees for a fixed or limited period of time. The potential employees doing an internship are called interns. 


Interns are usually undergraduates or students who do internships usually lasting for a period of one week to one year, in order to gain an experience before finding permanent employment. Internships are more like training periods. 


An internship helps the interns gain invaluable hands on experience in a particular field or industry. This also helps them to decide whether to pursue a particular career, make new friends and valuable contacts or to gain module credits for their university studies. This also increases the opportunities for permanent employment in the future. Internships also help interns to increase and improve their skills and knowledge, improves the knowledge about a certain industry, gives an insight into the ways an organization operates and also learn to handle challenges that arise in the actual work place. 


Companies usually offer internship opportunities for interns to gain short term or long term benefits. In the short run the companies get employees to do various low key jobs for a low pay and sometimes even free of charge. In the long run the companies can advertise their schemes and jobs to interns which results in most of the interns being hired by the company for permanent employment in future which makes it much easier for the company to train them.


An internship can either be a paid internship, unpaid internship or partially paid internship.  Paid internships are commonly found in engineering, legal, technology, medical and advertising sectors. Unpaid internships are usually found in the highly sought after sectors like the media, politics and nonprofit organizations. Another type of internship is research internship where a student is required to do a research or dissertation for their final year of academic study. During this research a student can undertake to do a research for a particular company to improve or solve a problem faced by the company. 


Internships are a golden opportunity for interns to learn and grow and establish themselves successfully in their chosen careers. 


Tips for Successful Internships 


  • Clarify any doubts about the terms of internships and it is always better to have a written contract.
  • Make maximum use of the internship to learn and improve yourself, clarify doubts and ask about what you do not know. 
  • Meet your superior or supervisor regularly and discuss about your performance and whether the expectations are being met.
  • Make a good first impression and maintain it. 
  • Be friendly with all your coworkers and establish good relationships with them. 
  • Be punctual and call in to inform if you are sick or late.
  • Accept assignments and ask for more work when your task is over and provide quality output. 
  • At the end of the internship, request for a letter of recommendation from the supervisor and also keep in touch with the supervisor so you can call him or her later when you need a reference and it also helps them to inform you of any opportunities that are available.