Frequently Asked Questions - Jobseekers

Okay first question! Is this free for Jobseekers?

First of all, our mission is to reduce our unemployment rate and increase our real literacy rate even further and help Sri Lanka to a better position in statistics. This is a site built by a group of people who were once applicants, so we know your struggle – in short, there is no cost!

I’ve signed up to so many sites. Why should I sign up to yours?

Firstly, this is a national initiative; we’re not in for the money! We’re here to help improve your lives and give Sri Lanka a helping hand.

Secondly, we provide a highly advanced solution, which is laid out in the simplest of ways, so we could improve the users with the best experience out there:

  • Of course we’ve got the basic feature which lets you see what jobs you applied for and when; you can also save your applications.
  • What should impress you:
    • You don’t have to waste time sending applications to each and every job opportunity individually, just click on the “apply now “ button - its similar to the facebook “like” feature, it sends your application automatically and directly to the employers dashboard!
    • You’ll be notified when a recruiter has viewed your application, if you’re selected or rejected through, know when your scheduled interview is, all through your dashboard. (Better yet, download the app and your interviews will be synced to your google calendar!)
    • We know what success means to you! So we will be suggesting any jobs that fit your interest and your persona – these will appear on your profile. Similarly, we will also send your application to recruiters that we feel may consider you!

I’ve sent out many applications before I don’t get any updates on them! Got anything to help me?

Every site says the same thing; they’ll contact you! But come on! We’re human, we’re impatient and till we get a result we’ll be stressed out of our minds!

Looking at all of this we’ve decided to help you cope with the stress so we’ve designed a system to notify you:

  • When a recruiter has viewed your application;
  • If you’re selected or rejected;
  • When your interview has been scheduled for.

Yes! All of this can be done through your dashboard. (Better yet, download the app and your interviews will be synced to your Google calendar!)

Got any tips to help me increase the chance of being recruited!

In our opinion, fill up our profile. We’ve got many sections to show our recruiters as to who you really are and what your capabilities are! Also, take a look at our career guidance and tips; we’re sure you’ll find some help there too.

You know what! Actually call us up and we should be able to help you!