Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

Is there a cost for Recruiting?

Signing up your company and editing its unique profile is free of charge. If a company posts a job, they are charged 5000 per advert. For jobs that you post we offer some additional upgrades which you also can select from the one-time packages. However, if your job advert is already on our site, you can promote or sponsor your advert to reach more candidates. For this we have a pay-per-click model where you pay for the number of clicks on your advertisement.

I need to recruit quite a few times a year! Got a better deal for me?

We’re a company that prides itself on innovation and we believe that time is of the essence! Fortunately for you we’ve understood that paying five or six times during the year can be troublesome and may involve many procedures. Therefore we’ve come up with quite a few packages to help you with that! Take a look at the packages we have in store for you here!

How can I get better results? How can you help me?

If you want optimize your advertisement for even better results, you can choose some of our premium features (Job Bolding, Re-Charge and our social media targeting feature). Our Promotional packages and pricing are available here!

I need more applicants! How do I get more applications?

The most important thing about attracting a crowd or rather the right type of candidates is by creating an attractive job description and more importantly an attractive advert. We understand that creating an advert can be a painstaking task so because of this we’ve created a couple of templates that would help you create your advertisements.

However, in terms of content, a few things to think about:

  • Consider including the salary range so job seekers who search by salary will find your post.
  • Ensure that your company description is accurate and clean.
  • Make it look like you’ve got a great place to work at! After all, we feel that the most important characteristic of a job place is its work environment.

I need to advertise immediately, but how can I pay?

You can call, email or drop in to discuss payment options and packages. Currently, we do not provide online payment gateway but we are currently working on that feature which will be available in the next couple of weeks. However, we offer other ways for you to make payment conveniently and quickly.

  • The basic features/basic filtration techniques based on salary expectations, qualifications, number of years of experience etc.
  • A unique keyword search feature that lets you search for particular characteristics or traits within CVs. Be it a pdf CV or a CV sent via OWL, our platform has got you covered. No more wasting time.
  • Don’t know what to do with the reject pile? Just move them to our reject folder.
  • Want to let them know they’re selected to move to the next round? There’s no need for you to send any messages any more; our system will send them an auto-generated email directly to their dashboard and their email inbox stating that they have been selected.
  • Need to schedule interviews? There’s no need to call them up! Do it through our dashboard, set up a time and let them know! It’ll be automatically synced to the in-built calendar.

How can I contact the applicant?

Each application comes with contact information and you are free to contact them by email or phone as you please. However, we urge you to use our in-built features to save time because, time is of the essence!

I’ve got a few people I’m interested in; can I save people I’m interested in?

Yes! We provide a feature that lets you search and save people who fit your requirements.