What is customer relations or customer service?

The field of customer relations has come a long way from its initiation centuries ago. Remember Henry Ford’s famous quote that any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it was black. That quote suggests that inventors or even businesses those days didn’t really care about what the customers want. Very fortunately, this stance has now completely changed and has in fact turned 180 degrees. Now, everyone subscribes to the idea that customer service is one of the most important functions of an organisation.

Customer Service, thus, is taking care of or looking after the customer’s needs in a professional, helpful and friendly manner. This includes helping your potential customers in a way that makes a great impression of you in their minds even before a purchase is made. This pre-sales service has to be followed up being professional and courteous during the purchase. A customer relations job does not end just because a sale has been made. For a truly satisfied customer, a company also has to continue to provide amazing after-sales service, by answering any complaints or queries the customers might have and by assisting them.

What is Customer Relations Management or CRM

Without engaging in customer relations in a haphazard manner, many companies now use what is known as CRM or Customer Relations Management. CRM involves the careful planning and execution of a well-thought-out customer service strategy. A company which has a plan in place to handle all aspects of customer service include grievance handling can be expected to do well in its industry. For example, if a company in Sri Lanka were to have a CRM strategy in place it is important that the top jobs of such a company realises such need and direct their employees accordingly.

How to provide a great customer service to your customers?

If you are someone with a smile on your face, not easily frazzled or discouraged, there is a chance that you would do great in customer relations jobs in Sri Lanka and anywhere in the world. But to be truly remarkable at customer service jobs, there are certain things you need to do and certain attitudes you need to cultivate. A few characteristics of someone doing a tremendous customer relations job are the following. They are prompt. If you want to excel at your job in customer service, learn to be prompt. Prompt in communication, prompt in delivery, and simply prompt in all your dealings with customers. Your customers should not be waiting in the queue while you are checking your phone or getting your hair done. Promptness in valued and rewarded in customer service and is something that all customer service agents and customer service representatives in Sri Lanka should aspire to.

The second characteristic is being polite. How many times have you walked into an establishment just to be annoyed by the rudeness of their customer service? Counter staff looking away talking to their colleagues, or being stuck on their phones while you are waiting and finally being looked up to as if you were disturbing their holiday are common occurrences in the business world in Sri Lanka. We all appreciate politeness and courtesy. Being polite to anyone who comes to you for your services should only be the baseline of a customer relations job. Hand in hand with politeness go professionalism and personalization. Personalization mean that you address each customer’s needs specifically. That you try to find tailor-made solutions for each client or customer.

How industries in Sri Lanka depend on customer relations

The hospitality and tourism industry depends completely on the grace of good customer relations. No tourist or visitor would ever visit a place if the staff of a hotel, a ticketing agency, airline, or a restaurant if its staff were rude, impolite, unprofessional and were late in delivering service. Customer service jobs in the hospitality industry include but are not limited to waiters, Maître d’s, cashiers, receptionists, managers, bellmen, concierges, and front office staff.

You have probably seen or at least heard of call centres run by different companies, especially BPOs. At any given time, there is a large number of call centre vacancies in Sri Lanka.

Any company needs receptionists and front office staff to be the face of the organisation. The varieties of types of customer service jobs in Sri Lanka can be diverse.

If you think you have what it takes to be in customer relations in Sri Lanka, do go through our listings. Best of luck to you from owl.lk

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