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A Venture Funded by Trillium

Today, job search results are overcrowded with job sites and this does not help job seekers in any way, but only make things more complicating and frustrating, and with this the convenience of looking for a job online will soon diminish. This thought process is what led to the conceptualisation of a “Job Search Engine”, to bring back the convenience of searching jobs to our job seekers.

The feedback we received was astounding and our efforts of trying to bring back the convenience in the online job market made us the largest job site in Sri Lanka. Where job sites in general offer 1000 opportunities in total, we are able to show you over 1000 opportunities in the Sales and Marketing category alone. Simply said, the ability to create more opportunities everyday is what makes our site potentially and eventually the most visited job portal in Sri Lanka:

How do we keep ourselves top?

SEO and Social Media Marketing. We use both these methods effectively so it impacts our site in a good way.

How has it worked out for us?

Google Analytics is the most trusted way of analysing a site. Shown below is progress we have made thus far as we intend to be transparent with you with regard to our statistics.

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Each advertiser will receive:

  • 1 slot on the homepage
  • 1 slot on the search results page
  • 1 slot on every individual company page

Variable Rate (This rate is based on the number of views per day):

12,000 average number of pageviews per day x Rs. 0.15 per user x 30 days per month =

Rs. 54,000 per month (Approx)

Fixed Rate:

Rs. 60,000 per month

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