What is OWL?

Firstly, we think you need to know what we are! Simply put, we are a Job Search Engine (very different to job boards which are sites that only show the vacancies posted on their site). As a Job Search Engine we have found a way to open your eyes to a new way to search for jobs, by showing you every job available across many platforms in Sri Lanka. From company career pages to job sites we have aggregated all the jobs available to give you save you time and effort, bringing back the convenience which online job searching once had.

One of your questions or your main question may be: “Are you stealing jobs from other sites?” We do not show any of the jobs that we don’t host on our site - you will be redirected to the original source - we merely reference the jobs available on all of these platforms.

So, from jobs in the private sector to government jobs - we’ve managed to aggregate all of them in one platform! At Owl, we don't just advertise job vacancies in Sri Lanka, we help nurture better lifestyles. After all, a better job is about much more than salary and title. It’s about a better experience; which leads more opportunities, better relationships, and more perspectives — all of which constitute to creating the lifestyle you desire.

So, simply put, our mission is to improve the recruitment industry in Sri Lanka by giving everyone more opportunities.