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"අප බ්ලොග් අඩවියේ ලිපි පල කරන්නන් විසින් රචිත වෘත්තීමය උපදෙස්, ව්‍යාපාර සම්බන්ධ ලිපි හා ලෝකය සම්බන්ධ අළුත් "

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An internship is an opportunity of employment provided by an employer to potential employees for a fixed or limited period of time. The potential employees doing an internship are called interns. &...

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The landscape of the Sri Lankan economy is ever-changing and always evolving. Hand in hand with the development of the Sri Lankan economy, jobs in Sri Lanka are also flourishing every day. There are new industries being added. Present sectors are undergoing tremendous transformations. Battling current challenges and welcoming new ones, the employment market in Sri Lanka is forging ahead.

The economy and the jobs in Sri Lanka

According to Trading Economics, the per capita GDP of Sri Lanka in 2015 was USD 3638. This is quite a big increase from the December 2014 figures which were in the USD 2000 range. A sanguine person would naturally hope that this increase would translate into more vacancies in the job market in Sri Lanka.

There are economic hubs being built throughout the country, which the State expects would generate more employment opportunities for the masses. These hubs mainly include IT, Tourism, Energy, and Aviation. In addition, there have also been numerous trade agreements with other countries, which have led a stream of FDIs flowing into Sri Lanka. All of these would gradually translate into more industries. These new industries would, in turn, create more jobs in Sri Lanka. In addition, more effort is being made to improve the IT and telecommunications infrastructure in the country, with the hope of attracting more investors.

What is the state of jobs in Sri Lanka now?

As of the end of 2016, there has been quite a large demand for jobs in the education sector in Sri Lanka. This seems to hold even truer for the higher and tertiary education sectors. Take advantage of our job vacancies page, where you can see the mass of job vacancies in the above sectors. If you are someone hoping to become an educator, this surely is the place for you.

While, with the crises in many banks overseas, if one were to assume that the number of banking job opportunities in Sri Lanka would be reduced, one would be inaccurate. With the elderly members of the Accounting, Banking, and Finance sectors retiring, the doors of such institutions have been opened for newcomers. That is not all. Various top level positions have been opened, for which the suitably qualified can now apply. In our Top Jobs page, we list all the managerial and director level employment opportunities currently found in Sri Lanka and all you need to do is pick the one you want.

For the past decade or so, the number of vacancies, and hand-in-hand with it, the number of job applicants in the IT sector in Sri Lanka has been on the rise. With new technology being introduced to the world each day, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. To accommodate the vast number of openings in this area, a corresponding number of students studying IT and related areas can be seen. The expansion of the field of IT has allowed applicants not only from metropolitan areas such as Colombo or Kandy to apply for jobs, but also from rural areas.

What jobs are on the trend in Sri Lanka?

It is expected that IT jobs are to continue to play a key role in the Sri Lankan job market in the future as well. This fact has been cemented by various international organisations coming to Sri Lanka. For example, the London Stock Exchange Group has made its presence known is Sri Lanka and is known to hire the aspiring IT professionals. There are also other companies such as Virtusa which is prominent in the IT field. Click here to take you to our IT vacancies page to try your luck in the IT world.

That being said, one mustn’t forget the BPO sector either. There are many BPO companies such as WNS, hiring in Sri Lanka. They hire professionals ranging from Accountants and Finance professionals to customer service agents. They also have openings in services related to accounting, banking and finance, or insurance.

Another field that never ceases to have openings is Sales and Marketing. Our Sales and Marketing vacancies cover all related job opportunities you can find in Sri Lanka. While the old-school methods of marketing might have changed, there are still companies looking for sales representatives, cold callers, or even direct marketers. But on the trend, are those who have quickly adapted themselves to social media marketing and e-marketing. This can be seen as a great opportunity for the youth who are interested in pursuing a novel career with great benefits.

How are Tourism jobs in Sri Lanka

Everyone knows that Sri Lanka is being hailed as one of the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Many travel magazines and websites around the world have named Sri Lanka as one of the places to visit in 2017. In the post-war era, a significant development in the tourism industry could also be seen. Old hotels were given new faced, a number of new five-star (or in one case, seven-star) hotels have either been built or are being built on the island. This boom in the tourism industry has made way for a large number of new jobs in Sri Lanka. These jobs range from Chefs and cooking staff to various other positions in the industry. If you are someone keen to make your mark in the hospitality industry, click here to take you to our vacancies in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

How about government jobs in Sri Lanka?

If what you always wanted to do was join the Government Service, do not worry, you still can. In fact, the number of government jobs in Sri Lanka is also increasing. Click here to see if there is a Government job which suits you among our postings. Government schools are hiring teachers, government hospitals are hiring nurses and other administrative staff. And if the sheer number of applicants is any indication, the Sri Lanka Administrative Service is still a very popular choice among the university graduates who want to join the State Service. If you are especially a graduate from a Sri Lankan university, chances are that you have a good opportunity to join the government service, by keeping tabs on owl.lk on new jobs being posted daily.

How can we help?

We want to help you succeed. As true to our mantra, we want to give you the opportunity for better work and a better lifestyle. Bookmark us. Visit us daily. We update the site with more than 500 new job postings each day. With us, you will soon find your dream job.

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